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Used oil coil tube boiler Recycling Product News

Used oil coil tube boiler - Recycling Product News

Dec 10, 2008 · December 10, 2008. The CB-500 -CTB large-capacity used oil coil tube boiler is designed to recycle large volumes of used oil (3.6 gallons per hour) and units produce hot water for in-floor, baseboard and space heating, as well as for ice-melt applications. The CB-500-CTB has an input rating of 500,000 BTU, weighs 1,600 pounds and can heat an

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CB-500-CTB Used-Oil Coil Tube Boiler | Vehicle Service Pros

Sep 04, 2008 · The CB-500-CTB large-capacity, used-oil coil tube boiler from Clean Burn can recycle up to 3.6 gallons of used oil per hour. The CB-500-CTB weighs 1,600 lbs. and can heat an area of more than 12,000 sq. ft., with an input reading of 500,000 BTU.

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